Fish migration of enormous proportions occurs off the Norwegian coast between January and April of each year, when winter cod cover large distances from their habitat in the Barents Sea to their birthplace off the Lofoten Islands to reproduce. It is to this long journey that it owes its name as “skrei” is the Norwegian word for “wanderer”.

The fishing season commences with the arrival of the skrei. For the most part, winter cod is fished using lines, with each fish pulled individually on board, prepared by hand and carefully placed on ice. This approach preserves the excellent quality of the skrei right up until its arrival in Hamburg-Altona.


We offer Skrei in the following sizes:

Skrei deheaded:
2–4 kg
4–6 kg
6 kg+

Skrei fillet with skin:
200 g+
1000 g+

Skrei loins with skin:
400 g+